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Create Custom Game World

Custom Game World Explained

As a Gold Manager you can create your own custom Game Worlds.

You decide the format, the clubs in the Game World and the rules of the Game World such as the Manager Reputation level or whether to make it Public or Private.

You also get to have the first pick of which club and International team you want to manage in the Game World.

Once the Game World has been created you can then administrate it deciding which managers you want to let join and adjust the rules if necessary.

Step 1: Choose Format - Step 2: Choose Clubs - Step 3: Choose Settings - Step 4: Choose Advanced Rules - Step 5: Create Game World

Choose Format

Choose and modify any of the Game World parameters.

Select a Template

Select one of our Standard Game Worlds to base your custom Game World on, you can select a template and modify the format using the drop down boxes below.

Game World Template NameNum DivsNum ClubsNum Prom/RegPlay-OffsSelect Template
American Championship1200OnSelect Template
Argentine Championship1200OnSelect Template
Asian Championship3163OnSelect Template
Australian Championship1100OnSelect Template
Austrian Championship1100OnSelect Template
Belgian Championship1160OnSelect Template
Bosnian Championship1160OnSelect Template
Brazilian Championship2204OnSelect Template
Bulgarian Championship1140OnSelect Template
Chilean Championship1160OnSelect Template
Chinese Championship1160OnSelect Template
Colombian Championship1180OnSelect Template
Costa Rican Championship1120OnSelect Template
Croatian Championship1100OnSelect Template
Cypriot Championship1140OnSelect Template
Czech Championship1160OnSelect Template
Danish Championship2123OnSelect Template
Dutch Championship2182OnSelect Template
Ecuadorian Championship1120OnSelect Template
English Championship5203OnSelect Template
Estonian Championship1100OnSelect Template
European Championship382OnSelect Template
Finnish Championship1120OnSelect Template
French Championship2203OnSelect Template
German Championship3183OnSelect Template
Greek Championship1160OnSelect Template
Hungarian Championship1160OnSelect Template
Icelandic Championship1120OnSelect Template
Irish Championship1120OnSelect Template
Israel Championship1160OnSelect Template
Italian Championship3203OnSelect Template
Japanese Championship1180OnSelect Template
Korean Championship1120OnSelect Template
Latin American Championship4102OnSelect Template
Mexican Championship1180OnSelect Template
Norwegian Championship1160OnSelect Template
Paraguayan Championship1120OnSelect Template
Peruvian Championship1160OnSelect Template
Polish Championship1160OnSelect Template
Portuguese Championship2183OnSelect Template
Romanian Championship1180OnSelect Template
Russian Championship1160OnSelect Template
Scottish Championship4102OnSelect Template
Serbian Championship1160OnSelect Template
Slovakian Championship1120OnSelect Template
Slovenian Championship1100OnSelect Template
South African Championship1160OnSelect Template
Spanish Championship2203OnSelect Template
Swedish Championship1160OnSelect Template
Swiss Championship1100OnSelect Template
Turkish Championship2183OnSelect Template
Ukrainian Championship1140OnSelect Template
Uruguayan Championship1160OnSelect Template
Venezuelan Championship1180OnSelect Template
World Championship4203OnSelect Template

OR choose your own Game World format


Choose the number of divisions you would like to have in your Game World. These will be named 'Division 1', 'Division 2' etc.

Clubs Per Division

Choose the number of clubs you would like to have in each division and how many times they play each other. This will determine how long the season lasts and how many cups your Game World can have in it.

Number Clubs Promoted/Relegated

Choose how many clubs are promoted and relegated between Game Worlds with more than one division.


Choose if one of the promoted teams will go up through the play-off system..

For example if you select 3 to be promoted then 2 will go up automatically and 1 through the play-offs.

WARNING: If you have selected to have only have 8 Clubs Per Division and 4 Clubs Promoted/Relegated then play-offs will be automatically switched off.

Also if you only select to have one Clubs Promoted/Relegated then play-offs will be automatically switched off.